Toronto based, vegan, small-batch spicy hot sauce and marinade

Mado's Spicy Pepper Sauce

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Scotch bonnet sauce for pouring, dipping and more!

Mado’s is packed with the beautiful burn of Scotch bonnets, plus papaya and coconut milk for a tropical taste with a surprising touch of sweetness. Plus it’s the perfect thickness to pour like a dream, but still stick to your wings, chops, veg, and anything else you put it on. Taste the Toronto legend today; your search for the perfect go-to pepper sauce is over.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Love the product

The Spicy Condiment

My son gave me a bottle of this so taste sauce. My avocado toast taste 100% more delicious. Is it possible to get it here in Montreal ?

The best of the best

This is the best hot sauce on the planet. I mix it with ketchup and make awesome BBQ sauce for chicken. I use it on/in egg dishes, in sandwiches, on pizza, actually on everything. I can go through a bottle a week

It has the best flavour. There is nothing else like this.

I NEEDED Mado’s for my wedding

Devastated to learn The Old York doesn’t sell let alone serve Mado’s anymore! I had to buy 5 bottles online to make sure I had some for the late night breakfast bar at my wedding. This is my favourite hot sauce of all time, especially with eggs or mixed with mayo on a sandwich. It also makes a great gift for hot sauce lovers. MADO’S FOREVER! <3


Best hot sauce ever!!!
I gift this sauce to friends and they love it too.