About Us


Mado's, the Spicy Condiment, is crafted by husband and wife team Winston Abernethy and Erin Dowse. The sauce was once hard to come by in Toronto; it was originally made in small batches by a woman in her Ajax, Ontario home. When Erin was the owner of The Old York Bar and Grill, she would order it by the bucket to meet the demands of enthusiastic customers. Due to its incredible popularity, she decided to buy the rights to the sauce and altered the recipe to make it vegan. She and her husband have been producing it ever since.

Small batch, locally made, vegan and all-natural, Mado’s is a sweet-with-heat mix of Scotch bonnets, papaya, coconut milk, and a special blend of spices and herbs. Taste the Toronto legend today – your search for the perfect go-to pepper sauce is over.

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